Heirloom Wooden Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Heirloom Wooden Map Jigsaw Puzzle

A superior wooden jigsaw, with your house as the centre piece

A unique, made to order 300-piece map jigsaw centred on a chosen location. These individually handcrafted jigsaw puzzles are made using superior 3mm wood and each jigsaw contains up to 15 special novelty shaped pieces, so called “whimsies” because Victorian craftsmen (who invented the jigsaw concept during the 19th century ) cut unusually shaped pieces “on a whim”. Using our databases of maps and aerial imagery, seamlessly digitally stitched together, we will create a  high quality jigsaw puzzle centred on the exact address supplied. The unique puzzle arrives in a stylish drawstring pouch presented in a handsome storage “book box”. Delight and impress with this highly original and distinguished gift ensuring hours of pleasure and enjoyment for many years (and generations) to come.

Assembled size: 472 x 312 mm (approx 18 x 12 inches)
SRP: £59.99
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