“I Love You” Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

A personalised WOODEN jigsaw WITH A MAP that says “I Love You”

This hand crafted wooden jigsaw features a map of a place that’s special to you and a loved one. Central to this sentimental gift are jigsaw pieces spell out ‘I love you’ over the location where you first met your loved one or a place that holds special meaning to you both. This could be a bar, club, restaurant, office, shop or anywhere else! It will show just how much that single moment meant to you. It is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift or anniversary present.

Using our database of  maps, digitally seamlessly stitched together, we will create a high-quality jigsaw puzzle centred on the exact address supplied. A challenging puzzle, it will arrive in an attractive presentation puzzle box, the pieces stored in a red cotton bag. Each jigsaw is individually made-to-order using 2mm wood, hand finished by expert craftsmen. As an extra fun detail, the centre piece is shaped like a heart – the perfect place to start.

The completed 300-piece wooden jigsaw measures 322 x 472cm (12 x 18 inches approx.)

SRP: £49.50
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