Our Home Map Jigsaw Gift Box

Sell a personalised gift off the shelf of your shop!

The Our Home map jigsaw gift box is an ideal way to sell a personalised gift off the shelf of your store. Perfect for both a self-purchase or for gifting. Your customer takes the gift voucher box home and redeems the code online for a map jigsaw, personalised to any location they choose.  We then ship the hand-crafted jigsaw to them within 7 days from their order. There are no additional costs.

The map jigsaw itself is a fantastic gift and we’ve bundled up all the reasons why it’s exciting into the gift box tin. So when the voucher is opened it takes the person on a journey on what they’ll be getting, how to get it and what to look forward to. The way getting a voucher should be.

The voucher is in an A6 sized, tin gift box, individually wrapped with the redemption code inside.

RRP of a personalized map jigsaw puzzle is £29.99 inc VAT

A point of sale unit is also available  at an additional cost. This is a display of a mounted real map jigsaw (location of your choosing) and holds a stack of 4 gift boxes.

Map Jigsaw Gift Box (pack of 12): £180.00 + VAT + delivery.
Delivery in 7-10 working days.

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